Monday, December 17, 2012


The memorial service for the Sandy Hook victims was stark and dignified.  It is strange how religious ritual can bring about catharsis, in believers and non- believers alike.

The President was the Healer-in-Chief and disregarded almost of all the paraphernalia of the presidency, choosing to be a mourner amongst others. Still, in his orison, he walked at times a fine line aiming for action to prevent tragedies like this in front of an audience which no doubt possesses guns at home, if not in their pocket.
Newtown, in affluent Connecticut, is not going to change. Grief will not lead to a sudden regulation of arms sales, with the possible exception of a quantified and certified sale of assault weapons and ammunition.  Even this will be an uphill battle.

One should not have to live in a society barricaded behind security officers and identification controls at random.  Intercoms, buzzers and surveillance cameras end up creating an Orwellian nightmare.  The President said, rightly so, that these tragedies must end.  Political and economic hurdles might have a greater weight though than moral considerations.  Actually the effect of the tragedy might lead to an unwelcome turn while the cause will end up being erased.  I bet that arms sale might increase rather than not.

Schools or malls should not have to become bunkers in a country where, let's not forget it, the vast majority of people are compassionate, friendly and peace-loving. Equally, gun owners should not be "demonized" per se, nor should lethal weaponry be as available as candy.  Americans came together in shared grief. They can come together to find solutions which respect the Second Amendment without expanding its meaning.  Constitutionalists are always eager to view the Constitution in the context of the time when the Articles were written.  Well now is the time to recognize that the intent was not to arm militia or individuals like Rambos running amok. The rifle addicts should not become constructivists when it fits their agenda!

The President looked very lonely yesterday.  He surely was also thinking about the torrent of obstacles that await him when he calls for legislation.   Once the grief will have run its course, the wolves will shed their sheep's clothing.

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