Sunday, October 5, 2014


My barber in Cairo was a lot of fun.  But the tide often turned suddenly, as soon as some flash points/words or a slip of the tongue changed the salon into a war zone.  The same "disconnect" is becoming mainstream Islam.  Either you conform or you are sent to the gallows.

The Quran should not be allowed becoming the new "Mein Kampf."  Horrors are spreading in the name of what appears to mutate into, unfortunatey so, a similar if not identical evil-twin , set in stone.  The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, then Hitler's crony, is no different from some of his "ideological heirs" today.

We came to a point of making coalitions with yesterday's (?) financiers / followers of the growing Caliphate/Anschluss monster.  I would not be surprised if we arrived equally at a nuclear " folly" with Iran this year. Civil use of nuclear power doesn't need 1000 and 1 centrifuges.

I know that old civilizations , including the West, can still convey relevant teachings. Plato or Sophocles continue to mesmerize. Whahabi Islam to the contrary is a curse both for the believers and for the world.  We fought the fascist rape of lives and souls, at the cost of having to make heartbreaking existential choices in Dresden or Hiroshima, inter alia. Nowadays we have become timid or "correct".  Spengler might have been right after all. 

In Belgium, Islam is subsidized (no comment) and all too loosely monitored (correctness oblige)
My Cairo barber is still a nice guy, until...

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