Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Turkey's president has an ego as large as his new Ceausescu-like palace.  Since Hitler, a certain style prevails among megalomaniacs (remember Saddam?) and "believers."

After throwing Ataturk's legacy under the Muslim bus he issued some type of edict stating that women are not equal to men.  His reasoning is too pathetic to repeat.  His usual outlet, attacking the US, has run out of steam. I hope that NATO and, in the first place, the EU will take notice. Federica Mogherini might as well show him out of the membership waiting-room.

The merry women in the White House might also consider stepping in, where they are expected (for once), rather than messing up where they are unwelcome.  His statement is insulting. Human rights are not to be taken a la carte.  Tayyip Erdogan should be disinvited .

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