Friday, January 30, 2015


The United States looks like a deranged maternity ward of premature births.  Not a day goes by without some candidate for the 2016 presidential race popping up or quitting before having entered full-time.  The noise is such that one can only dream of being rescued from this onslaught.  The patricians on the Republican side are beleaguered by the hordes of Bible addicts from the Middle and the South while they are themselves too happy driving one another into the abyss.  The Democrats are waiting for their Messiah, in the person of Mrs. Clinton, but they seem not to realize that their Blanche Dubois and her "baggage" might well miss her streetcar.

In this environment full of "sound and fury", the White house looks eerily detached, trying "to make a virtue out of necessity.'' All this is easier pretended than achieved.  Netanjahu (and his "remarkable" ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer, presently in full damage-control mode) is the new "Guess who's coming to dinner" surprise, thanks to the rather inelegant manoeuver of the Speaker of the House. The White House is livid. This episode might well end up embarrassing both the Israeli P.M. and the US President. Both will feel equally manipulated by the GOP.

The sophisms of the President are piling up and his vocabulary is still permanently purged of anything which might look like finger-pointing in the struggle against Islamic Jihad ism (taboo word in the White House).  On Iran,Ukraine, the sequester, the Bergdahl debacle, the Syria/Iraq and Co. bandwagon from hell,  his Delphic utterances are supposed to stand stand for policy, which doesn't say much.

In the end, the verbal "extravaganzas" of Senator McCain and Michael Gorbachev are refreshing when compared to the fabricated "grunts" of the American patient in the dentist chair, unable to speak out loud and clear on .

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