Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Sarah Palin is back, with a vengeance.  Adding her voice to Donald Trump's mist horn, she brings back memories one would prefer not to be reminded of.  Her histrionics are embarrassing and might well backfire once the primaries leave Iowa.  After all, she torpedoed John McCain's run for the presidency and her unruly baggage and speech are not without risk.
The Republican establishment comes face to face (again) with its worst nightmare.

The Democrats are not doing much better.  Mrs. Clinton is under siege on all fronts while the Clinton brand as a whole appears on life-support.  Bernie Sanders strives on a form of grumpy authenticity. His campaign sounds rustic when compared to Mrs.Clinton's rehearsed, automatic, waxed parquet floor style. Her grasp of affairs is without equal, but voters seem tired of too much varnish and not enough soul.

Trump is a master of torching the earth under the feet of the other contenders. Only Ted Cruz was able to stand his (dark) ground.  Iowa is the perfect allegory for "much ado about nothing" but it can provide an illusion of political longevity for some.  Candidates Santorum and Huckabee did well there before but ended up in ignominious oblivion.  So, not too much should be read in this Iowa "scripture", other than that the caucus formula looks like something out of Salem.  The current religious overdose in what is a political debate is becoming an insult to intelligence.  Sarah's broom is waiting but hers might be a short ride. I doubt that Donald Trump will want to be encumbered by a loose canon when he will have to face the "normal" America.

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