Sunday, February 14, 2016


It becomes embarrassing still to pay attention to Trump's incoherent gratuitous utterances.
Yesterday he reached his peak. Insult piled up on cheap personal attacks. I hope there will be a backlash.  The other Republicans in the debate, Ted Cruz included, sounded almost sane by comparison.  The winners were Bush, Kasich and Rubio, but their performances won on points rather than on persuasion. Carson has become by now a case for intellectual charity.  It is time for the Americans to wake up and to realize that Donald Trump doesn't fit in a normal polite discourse.  His soundbite is repetitive, his arguments anemic and the style is on leave of absence.  Everybody is aware of the fact that frustration creates a black hole which can take in a lot, but this particular intruder is too much.  I hope the exit will soon follow but I do not exclude that these unsavory games might continue...for awhile, ad nauseam.

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