Sunday, June 12, 2016


The mass genocidal-like shooting in Orlando reminds us of other similar execution-style massacres in Tel Aviv, Paris, San Bernardino, Brussels, Fort Hood, and one can go on.

It is too early to make definitive judgments.  But...

---In the current political mindset of generalizations it becomes clear that this might lead to the proliferation of perverse stereotypes regarding any identifiable group.
--The Second Amendment is for some, including myself, a hard pill to swallow. The rifle junkies should recognize that assault weapons, like the one which was used in Orlando, should be controlled and monitored, once and for all.
--I  have lived in a Muslim country and indeed most of the persons I met were friendly and often generous.  Nevertheless, almost all lived under the cloud of religious taboo. Islam can (hardly) make room for debate, but seldom for dispute.
If the Orlando killings were perpetrated by an Islamic zealot, the cause and effect have to be made clear. The black sheep needs to be condemned. The flock has to speak out and "delete" the nefarious in its midst.   I remember how gay men and women in Egypt had to learn to lie, as much as a person who risks drowning needs to learn how to swim.  Our pluralistic societies cannot be accomplices to their own demise.
--The Erdogans & Co. should have NO reserved seat in the EU.  How can one deal with a candidate member state which treats women, gays, minorities and free speech as undesirable?
--It is too early to arrive at conclusions regarding the Orlando tragedy. It is not too soon to note that the current political climate in many Western societies is catching a fever, due to the accumulation of fear and dysfunction which are marginalizing yesterday's rational "normal".

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