Saturday, January 21, 2017


These first days of the Trump presidency are ominous. Not only was his inaugural address inappropriate, it was mostly insulting erga omnes. The Republicans of yesterday have become this grotesque court's lackeys. The Trump claque applauded its own betrayal.  Fortunately the streets in Washington and America, packed by the opposition on January 21, signaled to a White House under siege that this Potemkin-like inauguration was as fraudulent as the elections had been.

The new golden drapes in the Oval Office are a fitting decorum for a man with a deep rooted psychological deficit.  The problem is that insecurity disguised into bombast has consequences in the choices made for cabinet posts or political priorities. Never has an American president been so unfit, out of place and as indifferent to antecedent or symbols. The Las Vegas decor imported from Trump Tower will be the reference for this Liberace revival style.

More serious are the disbelief in most European and other capitals and the Schadenfreude in Moscow and Beijing.  Yet Trump can probably count on some resigned approval of the British P.M. who is hostage to Brexit as the Lorelei was to her rock on the Rhine. The EU is in shock.  Moderate Arab Sunni leaders fear what a Trump presidency might mean for Jerusalem and the Middle East in general. The Chinese prefer to stick to a friendly takeover in Davos. The Russian glee over NATO being thrown under the bus is hard to ignore.

One might expect that a new president might prefer to test the waters before taking a swim.  Not Trump...he went straight for a fascist playbook of insult, recrimination and finger-pointing.  In his words hell is not for the future it is an import from the Obama years in today.  He plays on the Angst of a base wherein the fooled will salute, for now. It comes natural to despise the Republican establishment, which plays a Vichy-type of role. It is harder to condemn the brain(?)-washed base which was made to believe that a government of bikers and rednecks was going to save it it from their often homemade Gotterdamerung. Trump gave them the narrative for their frustration with the reviled Goldman Sachs as bonus.

The ripost was given today by the hundreds of thousands of attendees in the women protests who smashed the inauguration back to where it belongs:  a page which will be remembered in American history for the wrong reasons, the wrong message and the wrong pageantry.

The president still found the time to start euthanizing the Affordable Care Act. Speaking of irony !

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