Monday, February 6, 2017


Last SNL was great. Alec Baldwin and mostly Melissa McCarthy lampooned the president and his press secretary Sean Spicer mercilessly.

Since the president chooses to be some nightly twitting phantom of the White House, the comedians have a swell time casting the inner-circle in an unflattering light with proven historical, if unsavory, antecedent. Trump has been compared to Berlusconi or Mussolini. Besides a chronic nepotism streak, Trump is only Trump:  loud, undisciplined, paraphrasing Oscar Wilde's words "Trump can only be Trump, since everybody else is taken." His Putin fixation is beyond therapy. He has elevated Jarred Kushner (like il Duce did with his son-in-law, making him minister of foreign affairs) and one must pray that he will not end up like Galeazzo Ciano! Otherwise the cast for a remake of  Visconti's The Damned " is complete: Kellyanne Conway can play Leni Riefenstahl, Reince Priebus would be perfect as Martin Bormann, Steve Bannon is made for the Goebbels part...and one can go on.

The chaos is becoming embarrassing. The allies scratch their heads and the foes watch in disbelief. The country is split between the fools and the desperate.  Meanwhile the war against the media and reporting ("false news") continues unabated. The Supreme Court "battle royal" is no longer about qualifications but about rage (justified) regarding the unspeakable way President Obama's choice was trashed by the Republican zealots.

The house is on fire before the movers arrived!  The panic is such that it is rumored that Elliott Abrams (Neo Con) might step in as number two in the State Department, where Rex Tillerson's lack of experience (among other "chosen") is creating unease. This administration already looks like a ship of fools. Notice how Putin and Xi Jinping are watching. Only the Europeans are running like hamsters on a carousel, with no end in sight. 

Trump's "bathrobe"is making the news meanwhile. Indeed Le ridicule ne tue pas.There goes an other "fake news".

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