Friday, October 13, 2017


Trump has been called very unflattering names lately, often by persons who are supposed to be friendly. The many leaks show that loyalty is not set in stone. Lately he has multiplied measures often suggested to him by sycophants who consider him to be a messenger for their own agenda. The man is too limited to be able to digest or understand strategy or historical relevance, so everything has to be presented to him under the guise of yet another step in dismantling the Obama legacy.  His Pavlovian hatred for his predecessor grows by the day since the nostalgia for "Paradise Lost" endures (read Ta-Nehisi Coates). Republicans were supposed to be in favor of a largely benign, slimmed state. Americans are getting a status of subordination instead, a Hobbesian Leviathan-type of model based on permanent deception.

After having thrown his infamous rolls of paper towels to Puerto Ricans, who have learned that "We the People" does not apply to "brown" Americans, he has now vented his anger at the Iran deal. Here again he is the paper tiger par excellence, dressing up his antipathy in the clothes of  political argument which convinces nobody and isolates the US again from its European allies. This deal was far from perfect but if a similar agreement could be considered with North Korea, it would be seen as a major coup. The situations are not the same but the goal of non-proliferation is an equalizer. The president who is close to illiterate has no time for culture, history, self-esteem (other than his own) and only ends up awakening the formerly mothballed "Ugly American" narrative.

Trump is going to Asia, another continent which he might "entertain" like Pinkerton, the arch American villain in Madame Butterfly. At least he might find in the Philippine president a soul mate. The serious countries on the agenda will look upon this intruder with disbelief.  It will be interesting to watch his body language (generously said) in case he goes to the DMZ between North and South Korea. The emperor of Japan will have taken a Valium for sure.

In the wave of unflattering rumors and leaks the President attacks the Affordable Care Act, environmental friendly regulations, reproductive rights, transsexuals,  "thinking" Republicans, UNESCO, NAFTA, and one can go on. His base of fools (30%) is loving it, until the sober awakening arrives. Some day they will realize that they were tricked into the coal illusion and let pass the clean jobs that might have been created by the "New Economy". Robots will rule elsewhere while many Americans will choke and be deprived of elementary healthcare. This cabinet of high fliers (no irony intended) follows the follies of the frog which wanted to be as big as the ox (La Fontaine). 

Unfortunately, America is the victim of this permanent deconstruction. Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America has been dislodged in favor of the NRA's guns in America. The existential presidency of Obama was replaced by a nefarious syndicate. It is often argued that Steve Bannon is the architect of this permanent chaos, but one can argue that the nexus of incompetence and arrogance does not need a house pseudo-intellectual. The mutual, reciprocal greed and hatred have already created a brew which is making most Americans sick and depressed.  Jeff Sessions is a Mickey Mouse with rabies. Rex Tillerson weighs more pounds than talent.  Steve Mnuchin and Stephen Miller look as if they walked out of Cabaret...and one can go on.

The optimists think that this will pass and that the Russian probe might finally arrive at some form of reversal of fortunes. Others remain skeptical, also given the Republicans penchant for denial. The Democrats act too often like lemmings walking off the cliff. Trump is an efficient actor who is able to galvanize his hard- core followers with his attacks on the press, the swamp, Obama. The alternative world of fake news, outrageous lies and generalizations creates an eclipse with staying-power. Contempt, under this current populist rule, is a weapon for the elites.  It doesn't win elections!

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