Tuesday, March 6, 2018


The Trump administration looks more and more like a group of lemmings looking for the exit. Now that Hope Hicks, the president's preferred link to the outside world, decided to leave, he is stuck with left-overs he does not particularly like. Some can hardly hide their contempt for this
unruly patient they are supposed to restrain.

The president is now on yet another warpath,  considering imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum, hurting American car buyers first and risking another venture in unknown circumstances.  It becomes unlikely that Gary Cohn, top economic adviser, will "sweat out" his term under the cloud of a costly trade war. 

The saga regarding the score of the upcoming musical chairs (Kushner, Tillerson, McMaster) is stuck in some writer's-block parenthesis.  No doubt the denouement is forthcoming.  The short- lived court jester for one week, Anthony Scaramucci, came out, lambasting the "culture of fear" in this White House. The US Ambassador to Mexico, Roberta Jacobson, preferred to quit rather than to become the undertaker of NAFTA. To top all this, Trump cannot refrain from scolding persons in his own administration and handing alternatives a life-line: Pompeo for State, Senator Cotton for CIA ...who knows ?

To add to this gang of losers, HUD Secretary Ben Carlson followed in the steps of his colleagues in crime and was obliged to review his expenses for personal luxury. Pruitt,  administrator of environmental protection (sic), was outed as an intellectual Neanderthal, and one can go on.

Never had so few cheated that much. This mafia rules under the umbrella of a triad:  anti- globalization, anti-immigration, pro-guns. The AR-15 is this year's best-seller.

It might be time to call a spade a spade. The benefits of distance versus a most suspicious agenda outweigh, for now, the shrinking benefits of proximity. Today being anti-the-Trump- agenda has become a measure of self-respect. A couple of months ago America ruled the waves.  Now the tides have changed for the worse, engulfing the core values of democracy. It is better to watch for the chaos to implode than to be part of it. 

After the Oscars, the president said that America has no stars anymore...but him.  Indeed there is no hope.

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