Monday, April 9, 2018


Viktor Orban's victory in Hungary is bad news for the EU. The radiant blue in the EU's flag gets darker. Poland and Hungary have become the malignant growths in the body of Europe's democratic acquired added-value. It is doubtful that Brussels will rejoice. It is imperative that the EU not look in the other direction and that proper measures are considered to stop and sanction the "Erdoganization" of Mitteleuropa.

Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson are sending congratulations. Trump and Putin might follow.  The EU grave diggers have their day. This is exactly why it is important to speak out loud now and not to let another alt-right reversal of democratic values go unpunished. The European deficits are piling up. Italy is almost out of the game for the unforeseeable future. The UK got what it voted for. Hungary and Poland must pay a price for their existential transgression. One is entitled to be critical of the United States now, but one must also assume the reality of the meltdown next door!

It is easy in today's fake news cycles and ersatz coups by way of social media and alternative facts to become tone deaf or blase.  There is an intelligent strategy in play which arrives at some form of induced narcotic stupor through incoherent, multiple self-contradicting messages or permanent occupation of the media. The Trump administration is the perfect example of "rule by general anesthesia."

The EU Council and Commission need to isolate, sanction, and blame partners who are in direct violation of the founding principles. They cannot yet again put sophism ahead of fulfillment. After all, this current event has to be stopped before it becomes a health hazard for all. It was embarrassing enough to see the stability pact questioned. It is unthinkable to let this happen in matters that are far more politically essential.   If the EU were to adhere to a "business as usual" follow-up, it would be better to return to a Rotary  club formula and to keep Beethoven's Ninth for concert halls.

Often the EU has needed a wake-up call to find its mojo back.  I am confident it will again.   The problem is that this time there is no room for divorce (albeit difficult) as is the case with the UK.  Here the patient, the EU, will have to undergo some form of invasive intervention which is risky. The operation requires sophistication because Europe does not want to alienate the Eastern part it took so long to extract from the former Soviet Union. It paid a price for accommodating the homecoming from the former Soviet satellites.  Hungary and Poland must now honor the commitments they made when entering the EU. 

The energies worldwide are in turmoil. America is losing most of its benevolent, desirable persuasion since January 2016. Russia plays on this disenchantment and tries to dissolve so many clumps of EU,  NATO, yesterday's alliances in a hot brew of its own making. Who could have thought two years ago that Putin might be a reasonable alternative to some ?

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