Monday, May 28, 2018


The fanfare around Trump's impulsive, improvised, yoyo moves regarding the Singapore meeting is now becoming a Jerry Lewis farce, the hallmark of the Trump syndicate.

North Korea already got what it wanted:  a ticket to "normal".  South Korea feels "played", Japan and China cannot believe their eyes or ears. Trump's administration looks, yet again, like a ship of fools.

It is no longer relevant if the June 12 meeting takes place or not.  If it does, Kim Jong-un might get Trump's Macron treatment or, to the contrary, some birdcage tantrum. The president will have both his megaphone ready and his lies in reserve.  He cares solely for primetime TV anyway, not for any real, articulate strategic outcome.

This summit is already another episode for Saturday Night Live.  Indeed, we live in the post-truth nightmare. Trump's MAGA now has an offspring--MANKA (make North Korea great again)--and one obsession:  the Russian probe. The latter is already normalized, the former is ominous.

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