Thursday, November 29, 2018


In the Trump's dystopia one knows the price of everything versus the value of nothing. All the branches of government are being hijacked by the president-Don. In this lame-duck session of Congress, reckless actions are still possible before the Democrats take over the House. Trump will stop at nothing to kill the Mueller investigation, be it at the price of dragging the system down. His clan and tribal base will stay put. The Republicans from yesterday are no longer, Their successors are too busy around life, god and guns to pay attention to the existential downfall around them.

The country suffers from a collective nervous breakdown. The Trump haters and the Trump lovers are equally frustrated, for opposite reasons obviously, but meanwhile the country is in free-fall. America's international stature and influence are close to the alarm level. The fake news by the administration with regard to the benefits of the tax cut starts to be overtaken by a more somber reality test (former deductibles are disappearing). The Senate is becoming hostage to the Republican Southern strategy, vote suppression and the upcoming census. This lost democracy might end up killing the majority rule for ever.

Observers have been in denial for too long. Too many have said that the president would never dare to question the basic principles and morals that underscore the attraction of the American model. They forget that since Andrew Jackson many presidents did not live up to the lofty ambitions of the Founders. At least they still had a sense of history and understood the workings of democracy even when these were not to their liking. Now we have a man at the helm who is ignorant of, and indifferent to, all that which does not fit in his narrow egomaniac mindset. This former "builder" never cared about architecture, quality, rules, labor and tenant laws and he continues to lie, bend, disguise, avoid for profit then and now. He has no word, no vision...only pockets.

Nevertheless he is street smart. His base worships his red ties, love of coal and frank brutality and ignores his real nouveau riche persona, his trophy wives and his less commendable foibles. The opposition snubs him and often fails to confront him directly with the lies that cover his statements like some acid rain. Is there anyone in his close circle or administration whom one might still forgive, occasionally admire or tolerate? This syndicate of saboteurs is made up of crooks but they all excel in one objective: dismantling the rule of law and of checks and balances. The mostly white angry, homophobic, racist male rules, unchecked.

Trump will be attending the G20.  Strange meeting a la Bruegel. Blinds leading blinds in a G20 which has become nothing but a cover-up for quick dating without consequence. Trump's pas de deux with Putin, Xi, MBS or Macron will be catnip for Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately, this Buenos Aires tango might be a sad Habanera one should have avoided.

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