Monday, January 14, 2019


Since the beginning the Trump presidency evolved in the ever growing shadow of Russia. It might as well be devoured by it. Despite the president's disclaimers ad nauseam there is too "much of muchness" (Lewis Caroll) there for the rumors to go away.

Trump's dealings with Putin are always bizarre, as if he were stalking the object of his adulation and envy. He is always in awe of the strong leader by the way, given that his chronic ingratitude forestalls any form of solid loyalty in his circle. He is a lonely personality who can only count on the trust of close family and on the opportunistic support of an otherwise unsavory entourage.

He presents all the traits that make him catnip for a formidable adversary, versed in infantile psychology. Trump is not a traitor, he is just a fool who can brag and flap-out lies by the minute. If flattered, this basically insecure man will be a tool for the sophisticated whisperer. He is also corrupt and cannot resist the bribe, the cheating, the circumvention of rules.

It is becoming impossible to assert that there was no collusion between Trump and Russia. Besides that, the obstruction of justice should be a proven fact by now. How long the Republicans will stick with this deceiver-in-chief remains an open question and proves the moral ruin of the GOP. This Manchurian president might derail the existing hazardous world order by a 3am Tweet.

It has been said before that Trump was unfit for assuming the presidency. The preconception is now confirmed by numerous facts. The world feels like a remake of the old Roman formula of a duumvirate, an almost de facto power share between Trump and Putin. One does not have to betray to be guilty, it suffices to be "enamored".

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