Friday, July 17, 2020


Under normal circumstances President Trump should already be considered as a passing aberration, with just a four-month life-span left and no future.

But...never underestimate this chief arsonist. He will resort to every troll, lie and misrepresentation to hold onto an office he stole. He stacked the Department of Justice with his cronies,  to serve only one purpose: himself. His rule by putsch has already bankrupted America's moral fiber and standing.

He has no other international following than the group of murky leaders in Russia, India, Brazil, Eastern Europe. In America he acts mostly through a Mafia-like family concern. The Republicans know too well that his demise would be their death warrant. Their corrupt servility will haunt them in the future.

If he loses in November, one should expect a nightmarish scenario of claims and disputes, supported by his Diane Arbus- like base and by the "coal death squad lobby" that got a free pass from him to kill and pollute. 

The Western Alliance might recover during a Biden presidency. The Democrat might not be the most inspiring candidate but he is a man of honor, a Mensch. Nobody in Trump's entourage comes close to the former vice-president's self control and suave convictions. No doubt the EU, NATO, the WHO, the Paris climate agreement would feel elated after having endured  four years of outrage.  So would America's natural wonders, after the corrupt mishandling by Trump's Neanderthals and "poacher sons". Most of all, America would be able to heal the wounds of racial warfare, discrimination and voting abuses.

Nevertheless it could still get worse during this presidential race, which will become even more merciless and vulgar on Trump's side. Everything is readied for a crusade against fact , truth and science. This president is never about anything other than himself or his close family, which will finally be under scrutiny as soon as the godfather quits. He will be tempted to come up with a September surprise, magnified by Fox News. He will always find a fool, like the Mexican president, who will do anything for a photo-op.

If he were to win (by way of the Electoral College) one may as well sign up for the de facto partition of the country. If he were to lose, one might consider a civil war between the more rural  and the coastal states.

America has now its own version of Maduro!   If Americans  were to re-elect this Manchurian psychopath, they would only confirm all the nasty things Gore Vidal said about them. Yesterday's mepris might be tomorrow's truth!

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