Thursday, October 8, 2020


The president stumbled over the Covid-19 (of his own making). So did many in his entourage, as a result of his reckless behavior.

Like in all things he does, Trump was yet again unable to reign in his more histrionic behavior.  Hence, what should have been respected became despised. The doctors appeared like a group of mercenaries out of a Moliere scenario.  His salute to the small delegation of the flag-waving base came close to some Mel Brooks farce (Springtime for Hitler). The helicopter tour was taken from Apocalypse Now. The arrival (bas les masques) and the balcony scene were stolen from Gladiator.

The welcoming crowd was sparse since many of his aides suffer likewise from what he (still) has. They might be on call, since the 'Master of the Coup' is not out of the woods yet. 

The president is nevertheless impatient to meet his followers again. He will resort to every trick at his disposal to return to his adoring Neanderthals. He might as well defend another quack recipe to put to rest the anxiety which rules the American waves.

The war against the remnants of decency and truth is not over. November 5 might not bring solace, but announce a civil war of sorts. Until then, every effort or plot will be considered to fill the vacated seat on the Supreme Court with the Republican, conservative sweetheart: a woman at war with human rights! Since the Supreme Court might be the ultimate arbiter of the outcome of the elections, she is Trump's ultimate weapon of mass-destruction.

This running comedia dell'arte, Trump-style, owes more to Arturo Ui than to Goldoni!

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