Wednesday, February 10, 2021


Here they go again. The Democrats, stepping from House to Senate, in some form of absurd funeral procession. The Republicans clueless about anything, but political survival at any cost.

The Senate was given an unedited rendering of the assault on the Capitol. The demented crowd on full view gave a perfect insight into the minds and hearts of Trumpism. The images had a ressemblance with other past aberrations in China when Mao unleashed the Cultural Revolution. Only the dresscode then was more sober than the parade of dressed-up lunatics seen on last January 6.  Actually, the storming of the US Embassy in Teheran and the taking of the hostages is maybe a better reference.

The impeachment is dead on arrival. Republicans--with few exceptions--will hesitate to speak out against their former Fuhrer. Future elections again (in 2024) could still be overshadowed by Trump who can count on a vast segment of hard- core believers who will not hesitate to punish the liberal minded.

President Biden wisely does not interfere with the workings of the American constitutional system. In this period of bruced egos, ignorance is bliss. The outcome is certain and the monster in the Mar-a-Lago  lagoon is just killing time with golf and illusions of  revenge. He will be around but he is no Deng Xiao Ping after Mao. It is too early to predict what the future of the new administration will look like.  It looks as if Yellen, Blinken and Buttigieg might become the trademarks of the next four years. The vice-president is a great personnality but she is shrewd enough to take her time and to let the president first heal the wounded institution he inherited. For four years the Reichstag was burning. The flames are still smoldering and after less than one month the remains of this permanent arson are everywhere. The United States are booby-trapped and the previous administration made sure to poison the well. Biden's historical majority still has to deal with an opposition which is guided by a devious compass. The fake news/Qanon hordes lie low for now but they just wait for the call to war to take up their guns and Bibles to attack again the fabric of democracy.

The past election didn't heal.  The losers do not accept the outcome since any form of acquiescence would deprive them of their more outrageous weaponry. The winners are too busy clearing the mine fields they find on their path to be able to claim that the country is safe again. America has work to do before the world will see for itself that the change there is structural. Many countries will rejoice entering into a new partnership with the United States, on condition that Trumpism, in all its forms and personae, is a thing of a unsavory past.

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