Friday, July 30, 2021


This century is still young in years. Tragically it is already irreparable. The negatives increase by the day and life itself becomes a lie posing as the new normal.

Two major events are shaping our future, the systematic killing of " consideration" under Trump and the denial of climate change by too many.

America's degeneration did not start with Trump. It originated in the swamps of Vietnam and the sands of Iraq, two interventions that started the reign of the big US lie-machine. Trump only increased and enlarged the rule of the counter-truth to such an extent that it became the QAnon bible of millions of Americans and of a growing fanclub worldwide.  After all, the rats invaded Budapest, the priests rule Poland, the madness prevails in Delhi.  Trump will be known in history books as the grand destroyer, and, unfortunately so,  his clones multiply. 

He  isalso representative of the denial  regarding climate change. He might be too old to see his Mar-a-Lago lair under water, but his Al Capone family might have to call it quits, when the truth of the aqua alta floods their doorsteps. Climate change is a ticking bomb. The timid steps made in the Paris Accord will not stem the tide. Alredy the Antarctic is a melting ice cube in a glass filled with indifference. The occurence of wildfires, storms and freakish weather patterns find people unprepared and governments defaulting. It is a scandal and the arc of Spengler's Untergang goes from China to little Belgium.

The world was never a place for the fainthearted but there was still room, grande illusion?,  for regret, hope, closure. It became hard to believe in anything after World War II, but here and there a recovery and some form of forgiveness made people believe in a better "elsewhere". Today people stay indoors, addicted to Netflix which has become the Zantac moment of the day, free of charge.

Suffice to witness the Brussels EU meetings, wherein countries that have zero interest in each other, only play the games of mutual loathing. In Tokyo the Olympics are less about sport than about the joy of Zen. The Middle East will always be the Middle East, another pack of lies for a shrinking lot of amateurs. Putin makes his country look better at the cost of freezing anything existential that made Russian culture great, until the clock of morality ran out. 

The years ahead will be interesting but so unpleasant. More people will die from  curable ailments than from untreatable ones.  What would Voltaire make out of  this?

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