Monday, February 21, 2022


President Macron is supposedly the mastermind behind a possible Biden/Putin meeting. Too little is known about the "subtitles" of this suggestion.

It is arguable that such a meeting is not without perils. It might give the Russian arch-manipulater another opportunity to blur the issue. The American president should not allow the Russian to put the blame on him. It might also be risky not to involve Europeans in the walk into the unknown. Ukraine underscores macro geopolitical management for sure, but it is mostly a trap being laid in Europe's backyard. Proximity comes with responsibility.

Macron's sophisticated analysis potential is indisputable. He is also running for a second term.  Hence, the electoral calculus cannot be ignored. He wouldn't mind being seen as the grand peace-maker, but at what cost ? Biden disposes of enough communication channels and doesn't need some Marivaux scenario to talk with his Russian counterpart. Putin, on the contrary, will grab any opportunity to desinform. Macron should beware of plaing Leporello.

The more the French feel flattered by their president's role, it becomes advisable to maintain a cautionary attitude and to treat Russia as a "regional power"(President Obama's assesment, never forgiven by Putin). The Americans will certainly make sure that French charm will not be allowed to obscure a possible more pedestrian motif.


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