Saturday, June 25, 2022


Some thought that the former president would slowly become another unpleasant episode of America's past. Wrong! He is more alive than ever. Parts of the country have been overtaken by his "cult". Part of the institutions have been hijacked by proxies who only have him to thank for the jobs they hold.
Now his nominees in the Supreme Court have reversed "Roe v. Wade". They stole women's right to be the master of their own destiny, making Margaret Atwood's novel "The Handmaid's tale"  prescient. These angry judges who make for the Panzer division of the Court will not stop there. Other issues such as birth control, gay marriage are waiting for the scaffold. By refusing creationism, the conservative judges will deprive America of the progress achieved, the moral stature won and the social consensus obtained. Only guns will have a "free for all."

Trump sees in this "God's will."  The Vatican followed suit, chosing absurd doctrine over compassion, which is supposely a Christian "speciality''. Coming from Trump, who has no clue about God (and the rest), nothing surprises anybody anymore. Coming from the church, some will feel entitled to think that the time for its exit has definitively arrived. 

Parts of the fly-over American states applaud, while the enlightened ones feels betrayed. America appears as haven given up ethical leadership at a most unwelcome time:  when a world in tatters looks for an anchor. At the end of the day this political Untergangcreated by Republicans, only serves the narrative of rogue others.

America remains a pole for creativity in all fields, but even the bravest start to suffer fatigue when the system (not ideal from the start) is derailed by politics, corruption and gerrymandering. Le pays réel n'est plus le pays légal. The Biden administration, which has to deal with all problems under the sun, looks sometimes Carter-like. The President makes the right analysis but in a time where you can no longer convince if you are not entertaining, he faces a hopeless predicament. 

So the Supreme Court, in its current form, could undermine a great historical ambition with impunity and with the applause of the intellectually deficient and the January 6 zealots.  America has gotten  used to reeling, there is more to come.

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