Saturday, September 16, 2023


History is packed with stories regarding age and its unwilling torch carriers. Nowadays, Biden is the toast of the rumor machine. Indeed he looks and acts his age. He appears cool with his situation, rather than trying to be seen as a pathetic climber for whom no mountain is too high. 

Having to measure pace and steps was never considered being a precursor of brain fatigue. Roosevelt, Eisenhower or Churchill  managed very well the occasional flare-ups that come with age. The young President Kennedy had to struggle on a daily basis with a a cluster of debilitating ailments.

In the horror show that Trump unleashed in his inauguration address, lies got front seats and truth received a bullet in the heart. Since then, America has never left the recovery room and the Republicans sealed their fate, boarding Trump's ship of fools.

The world suffers of too many ailments to risk forgetting the emergency number. The multiplication of bastard formations further complicates healing or any attempt of crisis management. One might hope that there is still room for a more sober and compassionate new world order, but the opposite seems to be happening. Even the more civilized remaining parts or groupings like the EU start to show cracks, due to the rise of fake news and actors who are no longer accountable.

Yes, Biden shows his age but even if he were not, the assault on his personality and politics is preordained. We are entering a play wherein the rule of the more unreliable actors drive the plot, while yesterday's heroes are deprived of their soliloquy. The axis of evil was still reversable then, now the pile of dirt grows by the day.

As much as the fumes stoked by Russia, North Korea, Iran are difficult to contain, the homegrown evil generated in the body of Western democracies becomes a spreading plague. 

The extraordinary efforts that are made, mostly under American stewardship, to reduce the scale of global evil need to be supported by the willing. Unfortunately the commonwealth of the better intentions is shrinking. A further complication comes with the arrival of the owners of the artificial intelligence, who are a new third column.

The ones who find Biden too old, Macron too imperial or Zelensky too Ukrainian are the gravediggers of what is left of  gravitas. Entertainment should be left where it belongs: on the set. Political acumen should reclaim the front seat.

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