Tuesday, November 14, 2023


What is happening in Gaza is creating a multitude of contradictory opinions which lack staying power. The unfolding tragedy has too many players and no obtainable outcomes.

The images that come out of Gaza are horrific. One ends up thinking that the trapped people are the victims of both the Israeli forces on the ground and of the Hamas under. It wouldn't be that surprising if the Al Shifa hospital were also a cover for Hamas, who specializes in human shield tactics.

Many look for options to end this nightmare if they are still able to muster some sense of dignity, in short supply nowadays. The more cynical camp applauds the distraction from Ukraine and the traps that Netanjahu keeps laying-out for anyone who gets in his way.

The leadership of the personalities that are directly involved in the conflict--Israel, Hamas, Syria, Hezbollah, Palestinian Authority--have to go, and be made accountable for a nihilistic approach on the back of the Palestinians and the hostages.

The EU appears to be hostage to its past misfortunes. There are too many unsavory memories in the Brussels closet.

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