Saturday, January 6, 2024


We entered in this ominous new year with Angst. Seldom have the reasons for feeling insecure been so numerous and, at the same time, hard to define. We were used to seeing the world divided into categories:  us versus them. This simple projection was ready for consumption because in "the good old days" most of the world was ignored, but for some situations that were dealt with in a form of ignorance or guilt.

In 2024, the mirror cracked for good. The West had been able to force its own philosophical categories on the world. When fractures started to appear, they were generally ignored or considered growing pains. Now that they have multiplied, the full-alert level is already being overhauled.

There is a multiplier at work which does not obey to the Kantian rules but keeps busy creating nefarious distractions and seemingly unrelated outbursts at random. It serves the interests of a few and creates a form of shared despondency in the West. Yesterday's given situations and opinions are disparaged in favor of a generalized malaise.

The crisis points multiply everywhere, simultaneously. Only the US attempt to restore some form of shared concern regarding the need to stop this catastrophic chaos from becoming permanent. The EU retreats further in its self-created irrelevance, while Russia and China (with some help) wait for the right moment to make a move.

The situation in the Middle East further complicates the global mess. Israel is basically a selfish nation that doesn't care about consequence other than for what touches its own parochial interests. The continuation of its current policies has a detrimental effect on the West's economic and strategic security. Its moral blackmail is no longer an accepted currency when Ukraine suffers the consequences and when the whole region might become hostage to the selfish policies of P.M. Netanjahu. The sins of others do not diminish the responsibilities of the one who was considered, with caution, to be an ally who would show some humility under the protection of the "iron dome", backed by the US. 

The upcoming American presidential elections are already creating paranoia in the West. A victory for the Republican candidate would be felt as a requiem. Trump has no other values than those which match his sick ego. As long as he gets some nouveau riche embrace, he will be willing to sell the silver. He will prefer a sleep-over with almost anyone, as long as it is no EU member. The Talibans were invited to Camp David, after all.

President Biden often looks like yesterday, but so do others. Look at President Macron and his Olympics in Paris.  Better to keep going with men and women we trust and avoid the long good-bye we would regret.

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