Monday, March 4, 2024


The age war around President Biden is relentless. And yes, he looks and acts as a man of his age. In these merciless times of hype and no retribution, "nuance" is dead on arrival. Probably most of his aging predecessors would, under the current unforgiving scrutiny lens, never have reached the finish line in their career. The "new media" and artificial intelligence (?) are merciless and nowadays public opinion is too blase or brain-dead to pay close attention. 

It would be unfair, if not out of place, to enter a wrinkle war between candidates. It is already scandalous that a missed step gets more attention than a right move. One should recognize facts first. Most of them converge in making a success story for Biden. He is not entertaining, agreed. He almost belongs to another era, but that doesn't reduce an acumen based on a tested experience that spans half a century. He has seen it all, he knows them all.  He had better assume the toll rather than trying to hide it. He never was a born actor anyway and it is too late to run against time. Thanks to his familiarity with issues and with others, he is a gifted, serene statesman, who will never enthrall but will not be fooled by sycophants. Give him a break and fear his opposite.

The race against age's inroads cannot be won. It can be  managed. President Biden might look into his own entourage for a better focus on achievements, which are plenty. This man had to deal with the inherited Afghan fiasco and now with yet another unreliable Israeli customer, both Trump's avatars. Give him a break and the credit he deserves.

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