Friday, June 28, 2024


A lot is being said about the first presidential debate. The courageous who followed the candidates to the bitter end learned nothing new. Trump was his usual self: lying, insulting and unreliable. Biden confirmed for all to see that he is old.

Neither came up with an idea or strategy for the years to come amidst an increasingly ungovernable world. The lack of vision or creative thought is undeniable. Compared to the political debate in Europe, this boring spectacle does nothing to elevate the tenure, quite the contrary.

Many in the Democratic rank and file wish for an alternative, given that President Biden is becoming, in the eyes of part of that establishment, almost a liability. Given his record, this is unfair. He is a good president but not a gifted salesman. If he can regroup and find a rejuvenated gravitas remains to be seen.

A Trump presidency, with this Supreme Court, is equal to tempting the devil. The Fox News witches are preparing a brew that is ominous. Bannon, Navarro, Miller & Co. are working on a roadmap that would shake the world. At a time wherein many Western democracies suffer self-inflicted vagaries, America should avoid some doomsday Goya-type of scenario. Trump has the energy and the spite to unleash the Valkyries upon the country, and the world. 

There is only an aging man between doom and the frail expectation that the worse scenario can still be stopped. History shows how the better option is often overtaken once the lure of the alternative chaos overrules the better voices.

One had better pray for the aging man to receive the support from all those who want dignity to prevail. His voice doesn't carry too far anymore. A good reason to listen more.

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