Friday, December 19, 2014


Sony was obliged to arrive at the conclusion that its latest movie could not be seen as planned.The viewing will be spread in smaller movie theaters. The larger  movie circuit feared the North Korean (?) threats and decided not to air the film. Hollywood blinked and Sony stood alone in spite of having been "cyber raided." The film in question "The Interview" is a non starter anyhow.  Both the scenario and the actors did not bode well for quality entertainment and the critics and viewers are turned off, . Obama, who apparently has received some testosterone shots lately, rightly condemned cencorship, wihout talking about the merits of the film. Self-censorship imposed by elsewhere creates a dangerous precedent. Fox is also rumored to have given up on a Steve Carell movie lampooning North Korea.

What happens when a company in a free trade, democratic society has to give in to creepy menaces ?
If the nuclear Kim dynasty were to be taken seriously we are in trouble. However, one should not reserve for a robotic regime, which is a bad copy of de Sade's Charenton (without the sex...but who knows?) ,the rank it doesn't have. By the way, it is also indicative for Putin's dire situation that he decided to invite Kim III to Russia. The dangerous leading the outrageous! The lonely meet the isolated!

The Sony "saga" has opened the door for an unforeseeable range of consequences: roll back of the first Amendment?  Intellectual property rights endangered?  President Obama aired his displeasure and let it be known that North Korea will be sanctioned "accordingly."  There is indeed more at stake than the lifetime of a mediocre movie. The cyber attack against Sony is an invasion of privacy. It is a direct hostile targeted move, such as even the NCSC would refrain from.  If proven, this would actually the first "official" rogue state parting shot in a luring long World War III, wherein cyber, terrorism, non-state and failed state rogue elements and the systematic disregard for conventions and civilization (look at the recent slaughter in Pakistan) will rule supreme. The gloves are off.  China let the genie out of the bottle in acting as North Korea's mentor in cyber technology.  Still the proof is in the Kim pudding... and cause remains unproven , yet.

Meanwhile copies of "The Interview" are probably already for sale in China's usual blind spots. Humor can be found in the most unusual places.

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