Saturday, February 28, 2015


The poster boy for ISIL got a name and a face.
He also got a nick name and a profile.
I bet that soon the Souks will have him for sale, like Barbie's "fiance". The Islamofascists have shown their skills in using Western image making techniques and surely some Halal Mattel type of "prop" JIHADI JOHN will become available. 

Contrary to others, the American administration continues to be in denial, to avoid or reluctant to confront. By doing so it almost banalizes the existential danger the West finds itself in. It alienates the "willing" (?) Arabs and fails to reclaim the narrative. ISIL's exploits become prime time entertainment...beheading, genocidal horror, iconoclast behaviour are the Menu du jour.
We have reached the abyss and we might as well become dizzy. If the horror is allowed to become a daily soundbite, we will have lost all self respect.

Speaking thereof,  US Congress is supposed to vote on an authorization to go to war with ISIS. Does that mean that the territorial span and the claim to a Caliphate are considered a fait accompli ? One might use macro terminology but a "declaration of war" is an act which has de facto and de jure consequences. Do we want to give ISIS the reach/status it should never be allowed to get ? We better fight, pursue, destroy what is only a well organized, funded "terror"syndicate", pursuing an archaic agenda. Or we go  (not alone) for the jugular or we let a Darwinian alternative run its course, but at what human cost !

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