Monday, February 23, 2015


Washington has become the playground for a Game of Names instead of a Game of Thrones.
Republican fury has broken loose since the President is considered to be tip-toeing around the issue of "terrorism which doesn't dare to speak its name." And Democrats are apoplectic after former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani said that he felt Obama does not like America.

The indignation on both sides is an overreaction.  The intellectual curve of the President's thought regarding terrorism is not that outrageous, it is just out of touch.  Giuliani did not mean to question the President's patriotism but his words were inappropriate at the least.  He admits now that his bluntness might have overshadowed his "message".

It is likely that the expected performance of Prime Minister Netanyahu will further inflame the choruses on both aisles. The possible Iranian "deal" could as well be the "overture" for a major convulsion in the region and at home.  It is strange to witness how politicians and pundits rush into what could wait and do nothing about situations on fire.  To act under pressure is risky, to put oneself under pressure is foolish.

Washington looks ready to enter even further into dysfunction.  On both sides of the aisle, egos are bruised while at the top stubbornness prevails. The petty war of attrition between Republicans and Democrats is a farce because the right questions are overtaken by the wrong pretexts. This can only encourage other actors in the world to arrive at false conclusions about America's resolve, and to continue roaming and testing the waters.  Pique is not a policy. Macbeth's three "witches" seem to have overtaken 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. We know how that ended.

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