Wednesday, March 18, 2015


The three main American TV networks are a study of repetitive yawning.  Since Walter Chronkite who is famous for having been there when JFK died, and Tom Brokaw who is as American as apple pie, anchors have become an indifferent, interchangeable lot.  Brian Williams is already buried and nobody noticed he was gone.  Only HBO and some series are able to wake the spectator out of stupor. 

The pre-presidentials are already in full swing and we zap from gravitas (Jeb Bush) to gravy-tas (Mike Huckabee).  Mrs. Clinton has got entangled in another bad-hair day. Only a remake of Dynasty with Hillary and Sarah Palin fighting over Blake Carrington might waken the troupes.
The liberal media scream. Fox News has a smart strategy with Bill O'Reilly, Cavuto and Hannity playing their roles from semi-no spin to semi-mean. This conservative court has also its jesters: Judge Napolitano, Geraldo Rivera, Lou Dobbs, a token Democrat, and the rescsapees from George W. Bush's Berezina/Tigris debacle. 

Then there are the blondes.  Fox has rallied a platoon of often attractive, smart, young women anchors and commentators who are generally as sharp as their nails. They "are" the show and make one swallow the bitter pill as if it were a jellybean! 

If I were American I would nevertheless be more Democrat-leaning, but in doing so today, one needs heroic creativity, even given that "both" camps look now as exciting as a week-end in an igloo. 

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