Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Netanyahu is a great poker player.  He won the elections by a landslide, almost.  To achieve this result he did not hesitate to play on a range of emotions and frustrations.  This does not diminish the impact of his victory in Israeli politics nor in international affairs.  This must likewise be seen in the context of, first and foremost, the solidity of the Israeli/American relationship. This couple might squabble but in the end they share the same bed.

Nevertheless, the possible Iran deal and Netanyahu's sudden rejection of a Palestinian state might have problematic short-term regional consequences. It is certain that Israel will have even fewer unconditional friends if the two-state solution were to be "buried." Another Gaza war could be the last straw in this poisoned situation.

There is, above all, an urgent need for statesmanship on all fronts. Netanyahu should not antagonize Jordan or Egypt. He should leave the Palestinian situation where he left it, without further aggravation. Washington must accept the ways democracy works ( Arab Israelis gained  even 13 seats )! The result of the vote might well become a Rubik cube, despite the obvious winner.  Only the Americans can still reconstruct a broken region and they better be on "possible" terms with all concerned. A lasting marriage does not need love. It needs work.

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