Tuesday, March 22, 2016


The terrorists hit Brussels hard.  Some argue this was to be expected, that the authorities were unprepared yet again, after the Abdelslam arrest.  Post facto dot connecting is too easy, and premature.

There are too many soft targets available so that trying to build protective firewalls around them is almost impossible. Besides, terrorist actions of this magnitude require long-term planning.  It is probable that ISIL has a number of possible targets, with major cascading effects, "on line".  Blaming inadequate counter-terrorism or faulty intelligence is for later.

It is time to assess the immediate threads instead.  By way of Brussels, Belgium, the European Union and NATO were directly attacked. This aggression by ISIL is a clear indication of how far this radical Jihadism has progressed.  This action requires to be checked in the future by cohesion inside and cooperation with allies outside. National sensitivities have to make room for an intensive collegial mindset. This is the "new long war". The nation-state and the failed state belong to the past almost. The pack of teleguided lone wolves is filling the void and is on a rampage.  What is at stake in  Europe since the terrorist attacks in Madrid, London, Paris, Turkey, is the endurance of civilization to defend itself against barbarism.

We find ourselves on a moral warpath and we must dare to examine our laxity and shortcomings regarding what is indeed no longer a clash of civilizations but one of secular democracy versus an anachronistic, hellbent, theocratic aberration hiding in our midst. 
It has to be fought, both where it strives and where it hides.

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