Thursday, March 24, 2016


President Obama commented yet again on ISIL in Buenos Aires.  His words echoed a remarkable mindset.  He denigrated ISIL for being a rat pack, devoid of any material or other achievements. Indeed, there are no ISIL patents, inventions or intellectual property.
But, the force of the outlaw lies in appropriation and annihilation.  The weakness of the President's argument lies in reduction.

One does not need to be a political science specialist to know that bicycles can match tanks and that technology in the wrong hands is more lethal than in the right ones. The President's usual contempt for opposites, internally and externally, is becoming a liability. His emotions feel dried up and what remains is too often an abstract soliloquy which leaves most indifferent and frustrated.

Instead of embracing emotion and fear, he often chooses to ignore feelings, leaving them for others to exploit, often for unpleasant ulterior motives, as is the case now in the US presidentials.  For the Democrats, the biggest danger might be one of their own!

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