Friday, August 19, 2016


Some might still remember the image of Aylan Kurdi's small body washed ashore on some anonymous beach. He came to symbolize the "end" of a migrant's personal story.  Now we have the image of little Omran Daqmeesh,  shell-chocked in Aleppo.  He stands for the "beginning" of another personal story.  It seems that world attention needs the shock of a sudden image to entangle itself from the daily horror routine which looms too large and repetitive  to awaken indignation.

Syria is a Sartrian hell wherein everybody has become everybody's enemy. The better ones are dying. The bad ones are talking...or bombing.  Assad & Co. got a free pass, after a red-line was ignored, and the usual handlers of Assad--Russians, Iranians and their acolytes--have had their day since. The West continues talking about talks.  At least a no-fly zone might have helped...a little bit.

For now, the image of little Omran will have its short life span, just as Omran maybe, alas !

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