Friday, August 5, 2016


The Trump campaign keeps piling up lies, creating a nauseating brew which is the ultimate affront to good taste and manners.  If this were not enough, the sons of Trump emulate their father, alienating now Greens and animal lovers after the publication of their photos on safari in, of all places, Mugabe's Zimbabwe.  Some decency is still warranted to spare Mrs. Trump from other indignities.

Frenzy takes over from better intentions. On all issues, Trump is entangling himself in spoiled rotten kid tales, which fatally come home to roost. 
Just like the Nazis talked about building an Eastern Wall against the "dangerous human reservoir" in Asia, he continues to serve one or more bombshells a day.  He has become perfect material for another Ian Kershaw best-seller.
Most establishment Republicans are running for the exit.  Others sweat it out. They must be tone deaf.

On the Republican side, the current presidential election is no longer about ideas.  Instead, it has become hostage to a pathological candidate, who knows nothing and brags about it. 

Poor GOP !

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