Thursday, September 1, 2016


Trump must think:  Veni, Vidi, Vici.  His Mexican day-trip stole the media rug from under the feet of Secretary Clinton.  Besides, in Mexico he "coated" his immigration message; returning to the US, he immediately reversed to the former hard-core core version, without blinking.
Hence, he played up to his base, aided in this by the usual henchmen, on and off screen. As a result, the Mexican president got even smaller than his natural height and looks like a trapped fool hanging onto his Twitter as to a life-vest.

Trump will continue his Barnum policies. He does not care if his fellow elephants become stressed, as long as they continue to give him a free-ride. Most bonafide rational Republicans are leaving this ship of fools for safety and self-respect but he plays to a different audience and has his own brand of claque.

Secretary Clinton, and others must have watched this Mexican show in disbelief.  "Making America great again" is a hollow slogan.  There is no more to it than noise. On the other hand, making America look foolish makes one a de facto collaborator of the Assange/Putin & Co. syndicate. That Ailes, Sessions and Giuliani want to be part of this poisonous strain leaves the more sober observers at a loss for words.

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