Saturday, September 17, 2016


After years of stating that President Obama was not legitimate because not born in the US, Trump has now reversed course saying that indeed the President was US born.  The "deplorables" in his flock remain unconvinced though, after years of Trump brainwashing.
It is not the admission which is surreal, but the lack of apologies and the accusation addressed to Secretary Clinton. Trump cannot reverse direction without soiling his footprint. This psychopath is out of reach ...

The Democratic contender, meanwhile, is accused of the trivial, the mundane and frankly unacceptable innuendos.  It is seldom about fact, it is always about misogynistic slander. It is hard to understand how Trump can still find support with the women on his staff or with the voters. The IQ deficit is surprising, or is it the new normal?

Michelle Obama's wit, grace and intelligence becomes a sensation in this brain-dead season of discontent.  Anyway, America is beyond recognition for now. The daily nightmare has become a curse.  It is to be hoped that this journey into night is not beyond redemption.  If Trump were to win, the brain-drain might be hard to stem...for years.

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