Sunday, November 6, 2016


America votes Tuesday. In my opinion, Secretary Clinton will win, albeit with a smaller margin than originally expected.  The Democrats might fall short of wining a majority in the Senate.
The House will remain Republican.  
American democracy would be on life-support under a Trump presidency. One can already foresee how the smear campaign will be waged against a Clinton administration. The hate which has overshadowed the rules of democratic debate is nothing compared to the hit-and-run tactics of tomorrow. 

Despite an orchestrated barrage--almost a coup--Hillary Clinton would be the first woman to accede to the highest office in the United States. This would be a historic event on all accounts. She is too savvy to consider for one moment that the opposite camp would accept the outcome. From day one hell would brake loose. This is no longer a royal battle between Democrats and Republicans. The GOP, as one knows it from the Bush/Romney days, no longer exists. The party has been hijacked by ultra-right Neanderthals and it will have to confront the enemy within. One must still hope that there are enough bona fide Republicans left to save the party from a hostile take-over.  

President Hillary Clinton will have support from Western Europeans and from progressives in America and around the world. She would owe her victory to her resilience and intelligence, but without the support of President Obama and the First Lady, of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, she might not have broken the glass-ceiling once and for all.

The right will try anything--nefarious and pseudo-legal--to undermine her.  Russia, WikiLeaks and the demented clique around Trump will stage a permanent Kristallnacht after November 8.
Recent events indicate that there is a real active, motivated anti-Clinton force in all the layers of power. This ominous development is basically anti-American but it has metastasized by now and must be reckoned with.

A Clinton victory will feel good at the moment but count on the Trump voters to try to plan the road to the scaffold after !

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