Sunday, November 27, 2016


Every Christmas sees the return of Tony Bennett.  Every Republican major event is equally marked by the usual beatification of President Ronald Reagan, the GOP's nonchalant Fred Astaire.  Since the Donald Trump election, we've gotten closer to sainthood. The Gipper approves Donald's ways from heaven.  No wonder, since the candelabra president-elect shares many threats with the holy one.

He also has a liking for a foreign leader/antecedent/model, who he will try to cozy-up to while oblivious to the fact that he might be used. Mrs.Thatcher used Reagan as Putin would recycle Trump.  The former is equally "xeno-ignorant" and historically clueless.  He might "proliferate", whereas Ronnie almost sunk America's nuclear arsenal in Reykjavik. He brags about the support he receives from the Rust Belt voters in ways not unlike Reagan's "proximity" to the Readers' Digest American.  Both specialize in a cynical tap-dance around issues. Reagan chose to ignore, as long as he could, the genocidal ravage of AIDS.   He was reckless in foreign affairs (Iran/Contra, Beirut barrack bombings, Grenada invasion). Trump might be more dangerous if propelled by the need to make news rather than common sense.

Trump will be shielded by applause from a clique, as much as Reagan was protected by Michael Deaver, the First Lady and her astrologer.  Since the upper tier is occupied, the other floors are bloodied by a civil war.  Under Reagan, his chief of staff Donald Regan lost the war to Nancy; secretaries of state and defense were often at loggerheads, not to mention Alexander Haig's coup, after the attempt on the President's life. In Casa Trump the noise regarding who will be secretary of state risks killing the credibility of the anointed one, ante facto.  And one could go on...

Seldom has one seen a more unprofessional display of decorum and content.  The family penthouse Medusa floors are already too small for Trump & Co.  The "collaterals" have only the elevators and chutes to hang on.  The business "occasionals" come and go amidst the crowd of candidates who never know if they are summoned for humiliation or for the "goodies."  The first lot of chosen ones already sends tremors through the spines of the more enlightened observers.

Existential empathy will be in short supply at the court of this Henry VIII made in the USA. There is already an Anna Boleyn in the choice of Nikki Halley as ambassador to the UN.  The Alt-Right is seeking an investigation into her supposed infidelity!  Speaking of a happy crowd! Trump does not need to hire a Brutus. He is to be found (in plural) among the many ugly personae who rummage through the upper floors of Trump Tower.   His choice!

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