Saturday, August 26, 2017


Hurricane Harvey creates havoc, mostly in Texas. Trump "follows up" the situation from Camp David!

This freakish storm comes at the right time for him, giving "cover" for his creepy moves.  Friday he pardoned ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio, the face of anti-immigration, convicted of contempt of court. Few individuals have been as closely identified with the evils of bias and racism in the USA. Trump's base will applaud this new nod to their core believes. 

At the same time, Sebastian Gorka, one of the many pariahs in this White House quit.  Did he resign over the Afghanistan "policy" (as if there was anything ground-breaking) ?   Was he walked out by the new chief of staff General Kelly? Few will regret him and most will not notice!  He might find employment with Steve Bannon, his former mentor!

This hurricane reminds the Americans of hurricane Katrina.  People took refuge on the roofs of their houses waiting for rescue.  Lately it seems like many Republicans are starting to look for shelter too.

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