Monday, August 14, 2017


The alt-right mayhem last Saturday in, of all places, Thomas Jefferson's backyard, will have consequences. This neo-Nazi/ KKK/racist gathering is still provoking a backlash from Democrats and Republicans alike. Only Trump, who never goes for "nuance", preferred for once to procrastinate, to be equivocal, out of fear to alienate the sycophantic thugs and Neanderthals who "adorn" the populist meetings in friendly territory he favors. His megaphone lies pile up but moral outrage is directed solely at the liberal media and the usual victims (President Obama, Secretary Clinton). Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and the usual Fox bimbos and clowns (with the exception of Shepard Smith) continue to praise the only political avatar at hand, who gives them a veneer of authority (?) Hannity-style.

 Trump might have miscalculated, waking up some Republicans and a part of his base which think that playing to the lynch mob is a step too far. His followers have stayed with him because they expect to be less miserable together than apart. They start finally to see that "fake" relates less to the media than to the president.

The White House will try to reclaim the news cycle which it lost in the Sieg Heil Charlottesville brown shirts debacle. This becomes harder since no permanent adjustment will pass the court of public opinion, which starts to be aware of the ugly reality which coils in all corners of this administration.

The brutal images which have overtaken the usual non-stop cable news manipulation and doctored White House briefings are roadblocks now that can no longer be ignored. The permanent eulogy of the lie is not a recipe for policy. The alt- right think (?) tank looks like a sect of some deranged ideologues, set to destroy the "deep state", out of spite because their applications for membership thereof were previously rejected. 

Trump's last comments are a disgrace. At least he showed his true colors, which fit the man, "ugly".

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