Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Anglo-Saxon countries, the United  Kingdom and the United States, still show a peculiar puritanical DNA.  Biased laws survived in the British Isles until the Fifties and in the USA parts of the Bible Belt are still stuck in the aberrations of cults, religion and backwardness.

Today, in America the sexual harassment cases pile up. The culprits are sanctioned, rightly so. Non-consensual or forced intimacy are wrong. However, in the current polarized cultural war this mass hysteria can appear to become a war waged against the "liberal" elites or the establishment. The Trump administration is waging an overall attack against the media, news outlets, Hollywood and academia. This is the more paradoxical since the president has a curriculum worthy of that of a predator-in-chief,  but for Republicans "De minimis non curat praetor". The infamous Access Hollywood tape is downgraded to "locker room banter".

This guided strategy, in the shadow of an attorney general who looks the part of a villain in "To Kill a Mockingbird", can be yet another effort to deflect from the Roy Moore issue in Alabama.  It can also send Steve Bannon's (himself guilty of domestic violence) priorities into the fast-lane.

The correction of the "wrongs" cannot be achieved on the back of the "rights". This administration always uses deforming mirrors to hide its moral deficit and its denial of facts and truths. Not a day passes without revelations of lies and corruption. "Preoccupation" with misconduct is right as long as it doesn't become an "occupation" of the news cycle, meant to hide the fact that this king and administration are naked.

Europeans, among others, look on in sarcastic disbelief. Soon American intellectuals might again choose Europe's nonchalance over the local brand of narrow righteousness.

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