Saturday, November 18, 2017


The bed in Delacroix's painting "The Death of Sardanapalus" is rather crowded. So is the one of the GOP which has to fit the president's body-mass and history. With Alabama's candidate for US Senate, Roy Moore, the God-fearing groper who could play Trump's Sancho Panza, this scene gets even more grotesque. 

The indignation of the evangelical Republicans is "sick".  It only shows that this puritanical wave goes hand in hand with the ruling absolute hypocrisy.  Republicans come up with their usual home-brew, pointing the finger at former president Clinton and Senator Franken (who apologized). Both cases are totally different in nature. Consensually sex- be it totally inappropriate- or some in  poor taste "play/ posturing " are  categories which are different  from gross loitering and pedophilia. Trump's unusual silence regarding Moore's "gun and genital antics" speaks for itself :  double standard, deflection (as usual) and running for cover, given his own past pedigree.

This episode shows yet again the nefarious consequences of America's puritanical awakening, since the Trump machine came to power. Western Europeans are often  accused of laxism in matters of sex. Nevertheless they are not sickly obsessed as some Americans are  and are adverse to the lethal mix of religion, guns and sexual paranoia. 

The Access Hollywood tape should be mandatory viewing. It is the right comment on the current Zeitgeist in parts of the American heartland which chooses party over morality and prefers to whitewash facts when "inconvenient". Trump fits this mood.

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