Friday, September 28, 2018


For the second time the Republican majority has sent a man under suspicion to the Supreme Court. After the Clarence Thomas debacle, judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination confirms the total downfall of the American ambition, under Trump. Thomas is getting in the person of Kavanaugh a twin clone. The so-called pro-life party has aborted truth in the back alley of this White House.

It rests that Brett Kavanaugh will live under the cloud of a hearing which looked more like a plot to hide than a process to enlighten. He lost his calm and self- control, acting Trumplike.His reputation is in tatters, forever. The Republicans showed themselves at their hypocritical best with no empathy for the accuser and total disregard for the rule of law. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is yet another woman who has shown courage, dignity and conviction.  

Kavanaugh shall be considered "presumed innocent" (until ulterior developments) while the accuser will join the growing ranks of Americans who are becoming aliens in their own country. Trump's war on the independence of justice is in full swing. This blog warned that an autumn surprise was in the making. This sad episode was the first leaf to fall.  Others will follow. The fools, after all, rule the waves for now, but their days might be counted.

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