Friday, May 31, 2019


The accelerated conversion of the Trump presidency into a succession of infringements is almost hallucinating. In the "better" times nobody was panicked if US presidents met their more dangerous counterparts. Nixon could meet Mao and the Americans were confident that nothing infamous would be the result. In this case the president had done his homework (in secret) and had consulted everybody under the sun, Andre Malraux included. Here we have lazy delusional Trump who trusts his charm (of which there is none) and his karma ( in short supply lately) to make his "tremendous" deals... As a result America has no allies to count on, no soft power left and plenty of trade wars piling up.

This President has some Freudian hang ups regarding the leaders he likes to hang out with. They are folder for an FBI most wanted list. His latest Kim Yong-un pal is rumored to have getting rid of some of the closest advisers in his entourage, Saudi style. One is entitled to wonder how this Trump / Kim "bromance" will muddle trough this serie noire Kashoggi type scenario  or not. Since the preferred vernacular of the gang around Trump is "trolling", one can expect that the usual GOP performers will come up with yet an other alternative post truth scenario.

The Special Counsel Robert Mueller descended from his Olympus to set some records straight, be it in ambiguous format. The "no collusion, no obstruction " balloon of the Attorney General arsenal of lies met an inglorious end. He left it to Congress to send Trump to the gallows and chose to disappear (for now) . The calls for impeachment multiply. Given that the GOP is glued to the President, the Senate will not go along with the beheading of their leader of choice. The Democrats who control the House can very well decide terms for sanction but the noise and the Godzilla like posture of Trump might leave the Americans gasping for air. The Democrats risk alienating a large part of the population that is already close to a nervous breakdown. Nevertheless it should also be argued that ethical considerations should prevail over political expediency.

It has been said here that the lack of a political intelligent informed discourse has created a black hole in the American psyche. The Republicans are the cunning accomplices in a Faustian pact which allows a conservative /reactionary oil spill to pollute,for an unforeseeable time, the minds, the priorities and the soul. The 2020 presidential elections are crucial. This is why the republican majority in the Senate keeps busy, out of view, invading the judiciary benches, corrupting the ballot rules and duping the census. Alas, poor America this is not a Sonnet, it is a blasphemy.

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