Saturday, June 8, 2019


Trump finally got the state visit to the United Kingdom he craved. The British P.M., on her political deathbed, stood by her previous promise of pomp and pageantry. 

While Trump made an uneven effort of self-control, he could not help looking like the nouveau riche he always is. The crass will always trump the class. That is his destiny. Even when scripted, he cannot hide being lost in a vernacular when it is not his own, devoid of insults and Trumpian neologisms.

Faux pas there were a few, ignored thanks to the nonchalance which is the trademark of the Royals.

All the Trump children, with the exception of Melania's offspring, were there, forming a human shield around the "godfather", dressed up in Barnum's coattails.

The zingers were muted both ways.

In France, Trump found some pebbles on Omaha Beach to throw at Nancy Pelosi who seems to be appearing in his nightmares as some other devil wearing Prada. Few paid attention but the "end of the affair" between Trump and President Macron was for all to see.

In The King and I, the governess ended up taking the lead. In this The Queen and I, the invested ruler took the measure of the deceiver. 

In France the president found some peebles on Omaha beach to throw atn

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