Tuesday, July 2, 2019


The border pas de deux between the North Korean and American leaders was Mack Sennett-like. The two have similar bodies, share extravagant hair styles and gaits. They might even go to the same tailor. The young, shrewd one plays Antinous to this vain Hadrian made in the USA, who acted smitten and oblivious of where he was and clueless regarding the meaning of Panmujom. He counted on his usual "charm,"  breaking all normal diplomatic etiquette and again pimping his daughter to play the Mata Hari part in this "comedy of errors", coming after her "performance" in the G-20.

In his unfortunate pattern of behavior, Trump continues to look for takers among the same coterie of authoritarians who haunt today's Cote d'Azur, Panama City or NYC real estate. Has one ever noticed a single intellectual or career diplomat in the president's entourage? True, the owner of a massage parlor found her way (and her customers) in Mar-a-Lago.  There is room for progress after all.

I wish the opposition of the decent Americans would wake up to the scandal of the immigration "summer camps"in the new American Mondo Cane reality show.  Some Democrats like Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris give all hope that the torch is not extinct. For sure there are Republicans who have a conscience, if only they had a voice.

The Korean intermezzo is just the beginning.  As the elections come closer, the more the White House unpredictable yo-yo will become the norm. The coming 4th of July celebration will set the tone of things to come--more Mussolini than Washington. Flaubert argued that universal suffrage was as stupid as divine right, even if somewhat less odious. He might be proven right again in 2020 if one wins because too many prefer not to show up.

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