Thursday, July 18, 2019


Trump is the new Apartheid Hendrik Verwoerd. By attacking the four female members of the House of Representatives--with the right ideas and "the wrong color"--he materialized another sustainable electoral move, making the Democratic Party look like having been taken hostage by a radical fringe.

The strategy now for Nancy Pelosi is to find and consolidate some breathing space for the party as a whole.  Trump has stolen this parenthesis from under her watch. His campaign is already playing the nationalistic card, while the Democrats are pressed to look like the adults in the room.  

True, the majority of Americans are fed up with Trump's non- stop scandals and with the doings of his Cosa Nostra family. Not a day passes without a video, a connection, a corruption, an insult to grammar, to minds and to manners, but many Americans have stopped paying attention since the known presidential daily entertainment has anesthetized them. Chances are that in 2020, a majority will yet again vote against the president but that the constitutional American hocus pocus will deliver the Electoral College in his column. He will come up with every trick to control the news cycle.  We might even see him, more likely in Teheran than in New York (where he is loathed). Everything for a vote...

America is not going to pieces. Yet, given that Trump has set alight the racist brush fire, there is a feeling of an ominous Apartheid-like climate in parts of the country. The same police dogs, not seen since Soweto or Jim Crow, are back. Yes, immigration is a problem. Deportation is not a new phenomenon. What has changed is that the socio-economic problem of yesterday has morphed into a "white purge". This White (!) House has never been whiter. 

It is time to face the music. Notre Dame will rise from the ashes faster than America ever can. The cathedral withstood the onslaught. Before the judiciary, the environment, the psyche  recover in these wounded United States, there will be need for healing first, and much therapy after. 

The Republicans are gone by now. The Epstein/Trump partying in Mar-a-Lago was an indication of the upcoming legions of the vulgar and the rotten. Trump will be a footnote for bad nouveau riche Lebensraum.  Kellyanne might find a remake as Cruella de Ville.  Nosferatu/Miller will be shunned by all. What's next? What about Melania?  She may end up thrown under a bus like her predecessors, but this other immigrant (and her parents) will still do better than the ones who have to hide or run for their lives at the Southern border.

In the future another Lincoln will rise, but America's standing in the world is so low that a Hercullean force will be needed to lift it.

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