Monday, September 9, 2019


Who ever invented this town by the way ?

It is hopeless trying to avoid here the topics which occupy the talk in New York. But there are differences. The main one being that while the Republicans in the US follow Trump like sheep suffering from dementia, Europeans seem to wake up to the danger of complacency regarding their ill chosen leaders.

The British P.M. is making such a mess of his Grand Brexit plan that he might as well start to consider changing his suit for an inmate uniform. Unlike their American counterparts, the Conservatives start to wave the flag of "enough". Besides,  Brexit has become so toxic that the EU members which considered a similar outcome have given up on the idea. 

Italy is getting back to normal, almost. King Putin received a black eye of sorts. Nevertheless he remains, albeit reluctantly, admired for his skills. Trump (the Weatherman made in USA) remains derided and mostly despised. The EU awaits the new Commission  under the leadership of president elect Ursula Von Der Leyen. The expectations run high. So are the challenges : immigration, ECB, climate change/environment, foreign policy challenges in the near and far abroad.

The general mood within the EU feels nevertheless cynical,  given that the global conversation is overshadowed by malfunctions, even in the most solid appearing countries (China). President Macron is probably the only inspiring leader now but the autumn leaves in France might be less harmless than the ones in the song.

Brussels may be the right place for hosting the EU after all. It is equally opaque and shapeless. It needs a mayor as much as Europe needs creative leadership. The new woman -steel and charm- at the helm of the EU might just be the persona needed for Europe. Brussels can wait ... plus ca change...this is still Belgium after all.

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