Monday, September 30, 2019


Greta Thunberg, climate activist and nightmarish adolescent came to New York.  She saw, listened and spoke out, but, unlike Caesar, she did not win. The usual applause and the pledges heard in the UN were more deja vu than game-changers. Too bad, because the danger is real. Alas, too many announcements about announcements are unconvincing carbon dioxide stoppers. 

Separate initiatives like the one coming from Michael Bloomberg might bring a sense of needed reality in the over- idealist vocabulary. The projections for the years to come are frightening indeed. The oceans which are already clogged with unfriendly rebut might strike back sooner than we think.

The Trump administration is at war with conservation, nature and clean air. Others like i.a. Brazil, Indonesia, large parts of Africa, are equally climate-indifferent or climate shy (EU). The "active" polluters feel emboldened since the "passive" polluters hide behind measures that are platonic, mostly symbolic (the war against plastic straws) or without sanction. 

The Paris Agreement was a modest step in a shared ambition and concern. Trump couldn't get rid of it it but by withdrawing.  He weakened it enough to be able to go on his killing spree in the United States, where he tries to push for energy and coal to roam unhindered! He has set once again an example made in hell.

Greta's outburst was kind of pathetic. That it was heard by millions all over the world proves nevertheless that she is right! I hope she doesn't get a Nobel accolade which only will end up making the exceptional banal. 

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